We supply you with the World best European manufacturing equipment regarding to sheet metal and profiles.


The ECKOLD Handformer HF 100 is a stationary machine with manual drive,
replacing laborious hammer work when forming metal.
Compared to manual labour the Handformer is clean, quick and quiet.
The single stroke of the Handformer machine
makes it possible to operate tools for notching, punching and edging.

HF 100

A must for every sheet metal shop. For shrinking and stretching, edging, punching, and much more…

HF 100 PA

Both hands on the job. The comfortable shrinker and stretcher based on the Handformer, with pneumatic drive.


English Wheeling is an old famous sheet metal forming method:
The panel is moved back and forward by the craftsman between two rollers (upper wheel and anvil).

MF 500 GL 2

Planishing hammer machine

MF 500 EW

English wheeling machine

MF 500 MAX

English wheeling & Handformer machine

MF 800 KIT 1

English wheeling mahcine

MF 800 KIT 2

Wheel, shrinker, and more.

MF 500

  • Three machines in „one“, this is the ECKOLD MultiFormer MF 500. Three forming operations can be realised: Planishing, Wheeling and Shrinking.
  • The concept is clever and sophisticated: The different modules fit on the same C-frame and transform it into a Planishing hammer, English Wheel or a Shrinker, according to your requirement. A smart space saving device.

MF 800

  • This sophisticated wheeling machine is ideal for working on medium to large size work pieces: such as motorbike tanks, fenders, hoods, bonnets, door panels, etc. With a large reach, but still compact, it is mounted on wheels so that I can easily be pushed to the workplace.