We supply you with the World best European manufacturing equipment regarding to sheet metal and profiles.


Our machines convince their users by their performance in the sheet metal forming or finishing work.
Precise, ingeniously simple and extremely durable.
Since the founding of the company in 1957 the name ECKOLD is representative for forming of sheet metal and profiles.
As a long time specialist for chipless cold forming by shrinking and stretching and as a leader paving the way for innovative clinching solutions for sheet metal joining we
offer an unrivalled range of standard tools and singlecustom designed solutions.

The delicate plasticity of the former ECKOLD Kraftformer allows precise manipulation.
They are very powerful, durable, and sophisticated.

KF 675

A new and modern design, free choice of stroke speed and
repeatable results by storable processing programms are just
a few of many new properties.
With a horizontal throat depth of 675 mm the ECKOLD KF 675 Kraftformer
machine can easily handle very large and
bulky parts up to 6.0 mm (m.s.) material thickness.


The ECKOLD Kraftformer KF 470 Medium is the second
largest machine in our Kraftformer range.
This Kraftformer model is particularly recommended
for the forming of sheet metal in the industrial metal construction sector.
With a horizontal throat of 460 mm, the Kraftformer KF 470 Medium is capable of
working large steel components with a sheet thickness of up to 3.0 mm.

KF 340

Depending on the workpiece or other job
requirements the operator of the ECKOLD Kraftformer
KF 340 can easily adjust the working speed
between 250 and 550 strokes per minute.
The powerful machine can form sheet metal and
profiles up to 3.0 mm (m.s.) material thickness.

KF 324

Precise pressure pre-selection and control
when forming mild steel material up to 2.0 mm
thickness at your fingertips when turning the hand
wheel on top of the Kraftformer KF 324 machine.
The product life of the machine is legendary.
It will perform for decades.
That's why craftsmen all over the world
vow for this machine. 

KF 170 PD

The air operated KF 170 PD is the smallest
of the ECKOLD Kraftformer machines for
shrinking and stretching of sheet metal.
It can be switched to single or
continuous stroke and can form mild
steel material up to 2.0 mm thickness.