We supply you with the World best European manufacturing equipment regarding to sheet metal and profiles.


Herkules is the world-leading specialist for roll machining. For more than 100 years, Herkules has been combining its considerable know-how and experience with the will to innovate.
Herkules is the origin of the internationally active HerkulesGroup headquartered in Siegen, Germany.

Maschinenfabrik Herkules
GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Its product range comprises different types of roll grinders which are perfectly customized to customer‘s requirements.
Herkules has manufactured roll grinders for customers in the aluminum industry for many decades.
Based on this experience, Herkules has developed ideal solutions for these applications.
Outstanding damping characteristics of the machines guarantee the best grinding results for customers with the highest demands.

Thanks to constant development,
Herkules has been the worldwide market leader in roll grinding machine for many decades.

The history and the success of Herkules are closely connected with pioneering innovations – in 2001, Herkules received a patent for Monolith™ technology. Thanks to this innovative design, the Monolith™ machine beds absorb vibrations and thus guarantee homogenous roll surfaces.

In addition, the construction is inherently rigid as well as thermostable and does not require a foundation. In order to offer customer‘s single-source solutions, Herkules designs, builds and delivers all the necessary equipment for roll machining.

The measurement and control systems, developed specifically for Herkules machines by HCC/KPM,
are the only ones worldwide to permit correction grinding on the fly.
Measuring results are recorded by measuring probes which, in combination with ultra-fast machine control,
allow for corrections to be made during the grinding process itself.
Geometrical mistakes and unnecessary machine runs are avoided.


Steinhoff stands for quality applying the label ‘Made in Germany’ since 1908. Steinhoff today, is the leading supplier of forged hardened steel rolls.

Steinhoff GmbH & Cie. OHG, Germany

Process optimisation,  contacts with research institutions and industries throughout the world, and the help of highly experienced work force make Steinhoff one of the technology leaders in the roll business. Rolls of Steinhoff are adapted to each of our customers' needs and fulfill the highest quality standards. Steinhoff guarantee first class results when rolling steel, aluminium, other non-ferrous metals and other products.  Steinhoff (R&D – department) continuously optimises products of Steinhoff with the goal to improve rolling process of customer.

Aluminium and other non-ferrous metal industries

Steinhoff is the global market leader for rolling of aluminium strip and foil. Steinhoff supply rolls for hot as well as cold rolling. Steinhoff‘s primary hardening steels with chromium contents of 2-5 % in combination with our 'Total Barrel Hardening' technology guarantee homogeneity of microstructure and hardness profile. Steinhoff‘s machines enable highest accuracy for traditonal cold rolling steels as well as for modern special steels with highest wear resistance. Steinhoff can comply with all requirements for surface roughness including high brightness surfaces.


Atlas is the world leader in technically advanced primary slitter rewinders up to 10.6m web width for high volume production of all types of label stock, including filmic / synthetic materials.

Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd.
: United Kingdom

Atlas Converting Equipment was founded in 1976 and was one of the pioneers of the converting industry, renowned for being first to market with innovations that allow our customers to increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve their profitability.

Atlas CW964 슬리터는 전세계적으로 BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, 합성지를
생산하는 많은 필름 생산 공장에 설치되어 있습니다.

CW964 Slitter Rewinder

Web Width Up to 7200mm / 283"
Maximum Unwind Diameter 1450mm / 57"
Maximum Rewind Diameter 1200mm / 47"
Maximum Production Speed 1200m/min / 4000ft/min
Minimum Slit Width 300mm / 12"
Maximum Slit Width 3650mm / 144"