We supply you with the World best European manufacturing equipment regarding to sheet metal and profiles.

Slitter & Separator

Foil Slitting & Separating Machines

ACHENBACH BUSCHHÜTTEN has been manufacturing slitting machines under the product name Optifoil®, which are used especially for aluminium and copper foils and in particular for coated and laminated foils since 2006. Achenbach builds tailor-made roller slitting machines, thus meeting customer's specific needs.

OPTIFOIL doublers, separators, slitters for aluminium and copper foils

  • Performance
  • Production speed : up to 1,200 m/min
  • Slitting width : up to min. 10 mm
  • Winding diameter : up to 1,800 mm
  • Coil weight : up to 18,000 kg

Achenbach OPTIPURE®

Rolling Oil Filtration and AIRPURE
Exhaust Air Purification Systems

SUPERSTACK II micro-filtration

Exhaust Air Purification Systems in the process of rolling cooling Use the used rolled oil through the system components and filters. It provides a refining service that provides a complete and precise filtration.

  • Performance
  • 100 – 10,000 l/min capacity
  • max. 0.5 μm particle size
  • hoseless plates

AIRPURE® exhaust air purification

AIRPURE® emission air purification system is a global environmental pollution In response to the suppression policy, we purify the exhaust air generated by the rolling process. It provides service that can be used by regenerating rolled oil.

  • Performance
  • 98 % pure air
  • 100 % rolling oil recycling